Sara Dawn has no idea that God is listening to her prayers, but she keeps praying regardless. As a child she saw the horrifying murder-suicide of her mother and father. As a teenager she was involved in a drunk driving accident that killed a child and destroyed a family. She has lived her life in the solitude of St. Matthew’s Church with just the clothes on her back and an old prayer book.

Though her life is uncomfortable, miserable; though she battles the curse of her addiction daily, Sara prays only for forgiveness and seeks only peace.

When she is suddenly assaulted and ostracized by those who formerly cared for her, Sara sees no other option than to end her pain.

After all, God has not answered her prayers.


A fallen angel has been watching Sara from hell, waiting for her to surrender, to weaken. The legions of the Fallen are aware of God’s interest in Sara Dawn and the lengths He will take to save her. To find out why is of no consequence.

It is enough for Meresin to want her for himself.
An Angel for Sara Dawn
is a thriller about the influences of good and evil in our lives. It’s the story of the strength of the human spirit, the resilience of God’s love, and the determination of evil. It is a story of redemption and sacrifice, not just of one person. But of all of us.